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To mark World Water Day, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, a world leader in the water industry, is launching OPEN :  a visualization platform about the operations and expertise of the company and the major issues associated with water.
OPEN : an overall commitment to openness 
OPEN is part SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s commitment to proximity, openness and long-term transparency.  This platform has been launched in support of the Open Doors Days project, conducted by the Group across  a large number of premises for World Water Day on 22 March, 2014. Over time, new information will be added to this platform.
OPEN : how does it work?
OPEN grants the user access to four main types of information.
OPEN sites :
local initiatives (site visits, meetings, school activities, etc.) set up by Group sites to mark World Water Day
OPEN stats :
data on the Group’s presence in more than 20 countries in the water and sanitation industries
OPEN expertise :
a list of more than 20 scientific, technical, managerial, etc. areas of expertise implemented by the Group
OPEN issues :
clarification of the four main issues associated with water : access to water, pricing, quality and governance
Contact us
Please contact us at the following address with any questions, suggestions or comments : 
SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT supplies drinking water to 92 million people, provides wastewater treatment services for 65 million people and collects the waste produced by 52 million people.  SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has 79,550 employees and, with its presence on five continents, is a world leader exclusively dedicated to water and waste management services.