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Water is a free resource, but there are costs associated with processing and distributing it, as well as with treating wastewater. All those working in the water industry have a shared responsibility to ensure that these costs are affordable for everyone.
The cost of water
Water prices come from the cost of processing and distributing it, and from the cost of treating wastewater. The cost of providing water services to the public is a reality throughout the world, whether the services are provided by public- or private-sector operators. The invoiced price is necessary to ensure facilities and services to the public can be managed in a sustainable way and to prevent waste. It relates to the investment required to construct and maintain water facilities (distribution systems, plants, etc.), to operate them (staff, power, water analysis, etc.), and to fund dedicated R&D programs.
EUR 3.81
Average cost of a cubic metre of water in the European Union
New Pricing Structures
Water stakeholders are now making a range of pricing solutions available to local authorities, so as to ensure fair access to water. Over the past few years, several city authorities have chosen new water pricing systems, whereas they previously used the usual pricing system, which consisted of a subscription or fixed amount, and of a variable amount, that increased according to consumption. These new pricing systems can be categorised into three types: progressive pricing, social pricing and environmentally-friendly and socially-inclusive pricing
4 – 5%
Maximum proportion of the average household income that the water bill should represent (according to the OECD)
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